Terms and conditions

General information
1. The accommodation day starts at 15.00 until 10.00.

2. We issue VAT invoices.

3. To book the apartment there is the pre-payment at the amount of 30% of the total due price.

4. We would very much appreciate your attention to the terms and conditions, which will guarantee your undisturbed stay and safety for all the Guests.

Terms and conditions
The moment you book your stay in our apartment both parties, the Guests and the Service provider enter into the agreement, of which valid terms and conditions are specified below.

§ 1.
The apartment is rent for accommodation days.
§ 2.
The accommodation day starts at 15.00 until 10.00a.m the next morning. To confirm the Guest’s identity they are required to present an ID with a photograph.
For booking to be complete we require a pre-payment at the amount of 30% of the total price.

Financial settlement takes place when the keys are handed in (payment in advance in the amount agreed before, less the pre-payment amount, which has been transferred to the account). There’s the possibility to make a money transfer for the outstanding balance on the day of the arrival.
The arrival should take place at the time agreed beforehand with the person responsible for handing in the keys. Guests are obliged to inform this person of their scheduled arrival a day before at the latest in order to hand in the keys.
Handing in of the keys may take place after 15.00 (in agreed beforehand there’s the possibility to have the keys handed in earlier than that). In is also accepted to have the keys handed in after 22.00 (after it has been agreed on with the owner of the apartment).

Guests are obliged to vacate the apartment by 10.00a.m.
In the case when the booking person or persons for whom the stay has been booked arrive late or do not arrive at all, or arrive for just half of their intended stay there are no refund or discount options. The advance is repayable in full only if the service cannot be provided due to the fault of the apartment owner.

The apartment owner has the right to collect a deposit from guests worth of one day’s stay, the deposit will be refunded on the departure day.
Guests are responsible for their own insurance for the term of their stay.
§ 3.
All apartments are strictly non-smoking (smokers are asked to exit to the balcony, possibly outside the building), guests are kindly requested not to light candles.

Bringing along animals to the apartment must be agreed upon with the owner.

§ 4.
The apartment owner has the right to prolong the guests stay as long as there is the possibility.
§ 5.
Apartments provide services in accordance with the category and standard. If you have any reservations regarding the quality of services, please report them to the landlord, allowing us immediate reaction.
The apartment owner and staff are required to provide:
• Professional and courteous service for all matters related to apartment rental.
• The conditions for a peaceful and safe stay and full confidence of information about guests.

Technical appliances efficiency.

§ 6.
The owner takes no responsibility for any valuable items and money left behind in the apartment.
§ 7.
The guest should inform the owner about any damage immediately after it has been discovered.

§ 8.
A guest is financially responsible for any damage or destruction of equipment and technical equipment arising from his fault or the fault of visitors. The guest is obliged to maintain order and cleanliness in the apartment.

§ 9.
A guest receives at their disposal a key to the apartment, which should be handed back on the departure day.
It is possible to obtain two sets of keys to the apartment. Losing keys obliges the guests to pay for the lock replacement services.

§ 10.
Parking of vehicles is permitted only in areas designated by the apartment owner. Guests are required to maintain cleanliness in all of these areas. Parking is free, unguarded. The owner of premises is not responsible for vehicles or any property inside of them.

§ 11.
Third party sleepovers are allowed only after they had been previously agreed upon with the owner of the apartment.
§ 12.
A guest cannot transfer their room to any third party, even if the period for which they paid the due amount is not over yet.
§ 13.
Curfew is effective from 23.00 to 7.00.
The owner may refuse to continue to provide services to a person who violates this rule.

§ 14.
Due to fire safety it is prohibited to use in rooms any heaters, electric irons and other similar devices which are not included in the apartment.

§ 15.
The owner may refuse to accept any Guests who grossly breached the terms and conditions upon their last stay.

§ 16.
I agree to receive promotional materials from Lux-Apartments for the e-mail address I have provided while online booking (pursuant with the Act of 26 August 2002 on the provision of services rendered electronically-Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 144 item 1204, as amended).