Luxury apartments in Sarbinowo

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Luxury apartments in Sarbinowo

Imagine a lazy holiday morning, sitting with a cup of freshly brewed coffee on the terrace. as As far as your eye can see, before you extends a peaceful green-blue Baltic Sea. You feel on your skin a slight breeze blowing. No need to rush anywhere, just below the terrace a small coastal town, Sarbinowo, is slowly waking up to a new day.
Everything you need for your holiday is right at your fingertips: a luxurious apartment, view of the sea 80 meters away, a modern complex with a terrace on the rooftop. This fancy building features a Jacuzzi, sauna, and a spa. Your car is locked away from view in a secure garage.



Contact us today and book your apartment in Sarbinowo now to enjoy your holiday!

If you fancy going to the Polish Sea we are happy to have you here, in Sarbinowo!

At your disposal we give you are a top quality apartment in a modern complex located just 80m away from a sandy beach.

See how this superb apartment can make your great holiday in Sarbinowo near Mielno!