Luxurious apartment in Sarbinowo – living room

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Luxurious apartment in Sarbinowo – living room

Luxurious apartment in Sarbinowo – living room

Feel the comfort at the heart of our apartment – the living room. It’s the place where all the good things happen!

To start with, there’s the balcony adjacent to the living room, directly overlooking the sea, with a panoramic view, you can arrange some comfy seating there and enjoy your coffee, breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the summer breeze and sunbathe, without leaving the apartment.


In the living room, through the glass doors and windows you can admire all the views and relax on a comfortable corner settee. It’s a great place to watch TV, enjoy a movie or listen to music.

In the living room there’s also a dining table for you to enjoy the company of your family & friend at a meal.

Further on in the hallway, you’ll find a chest of drawers and a mirror, and just right next to the door there’s a huge in-built wardrobe for your convenience.

The whole space of the apartment is 55 m2.